Aug 15

8:08 am

Breakfast at McDonald’s is a good way to get ready for a pass. Should be hot today. David

10:58 am

Washington suddenly turned into Death Valley. David

12:37 pm

Josh didn’t sleep last night for fear of the rogue devil cow in our site last night. Heading up Loup Loup this morning. Brian B.

2:26 pm

Not gonna lie. Loup Loup pass was brutal. B.B.

2:44 pm

The best sign all day. Miles

3:48 pm

Big thanks to Mark Ruston for a nice dinner after a long day. We thanked him by zip-tying him in his tent, saran wrapping his bike to the picnic table. and flipping around his cleats on his shoes. The green horn took it like a champ:) Now we’re all on top of Loup Loup pass taking it all in. Almost there! Alex

10:36 pm

Trying to rest up in Twisp after today’s pass and prepping for the big boy tomorrow…Washington pass. B.B.

The Cascades are brutal. Zach

One Response to “Day 63”

  1. Mo says:

    Excitement is building here at home for your return! Good wishes to you all for these final days of uphills and downs, and what sounds like an unforgettably gorgeous trek to the ocean. There will be loads of us folks there in spirit with you as you dip your tires. An amazing accomplishment.

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