Aug 16

7:21 am

Heading up Washington Pass today. 18 miles of steady uphill grade. Fun times. Brian B.

9:05 am

The final mountain. David

5 Responses to “Day 64”

  1. john hare says:

    what happened to the fish glug glug.went well with the chips no doubt. happy birthday on the 18th David

  2. Gill says:

    Going to have withdrawal symptoms re the cycle20ten blog and live tracker. Only 2 days left!!! I suppose we will have our sons back but i will miss the community that exists through this blog. Not being a blogger it has made me see the wonders of this type of communication and how it draws people together. Well done boys for making this happen too. You have brought together different age groups and people from all over the US.

  3. Mary says:

    Gill, I agree completely! It has been so much fun from this end and while I know you all will be happy to have your sons home, watching/reading from afar has been wonderful. Congratulations to the guys who have given so much of themselves and the families, friends and supporters who have followed along this summer. Looking forward to hearing lots of stories and seeing more pictures! : ) Mary

  4. Jim says:

    Congratulations! A fantastic experience with countless accomplishments you’ll treasure for a life time, and find meaningful each of your days. Wish I’d been along for the ride. Take good care.
    PS Chapel Hill Krispy Kreme ribbon cutting/opening is 25 August. Doughnuts on me.

  5. Maureen Rosen says:

    You can hear the cheers all over Chapel Hill. You go, guys!

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