Aug 19

8:10 am

Happy Birthday, Dave.

10:45 am

One last lunchbreak at the DQ. Sad times. Brian B.

5:54 pm

We biked it. We liked it. B.B.

3 Responses to “Day 66”

  1. Tawnya says:

    Hi Guys this is Sean from Stewartstown, PA. Congratulations that you all maded it. You did good on your bike riding. Why did you take your friend Dave’s bike apart? When you get home email my mommy (, so I can talk to you. When you come over again we can have breakfast w/ lots of bacon & cereal. If you have water guns bring them over.

  2. Alan & Sue says:

    Well done guys – have safe journey’s home, after the celebrations – Alan & Sue

  3. What a great adventure. Have a safe trip home. We’re proud of all of you. We really enjoyed seeing you in Clyde,Ohio.
    Rourke’s Great Uncle and Aunt…….
    Gene and Jo

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